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Posted: Thursday, March 13, 2014

When Emily James found out that there are kids in the world who are sad because they got sick and lost their hair, she wanted to do something. In this heartwarming video, the toddler has her hair cut off so that she can donate it and make another child happy again.

Emily James, 3, goes to her Uncle Matthew’s salon to get her hair cut off so that she can donate it to sick children in need of wigs. You might need some tissues while watching this beautiful video!

Toddler Cuts Off Hair — Donates It To Sick Children

If only more people were like Emily James. The 3-year-old toddler is featured in a new video by Fly Press Films which documents her decision to cut her long, gorgeous hair into a short bob so that she can donate it to someone else.

Emily found out that there are children in the world who lose their hair from being sick with life-altering illnesses, and in hopes of cheering a child up she donated her hair to 360 Hair. The wig company has teamed up with the Canadian Cancer Society, and they offer free customizable wigs for cancer patients.

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“I don’t want any kids to be sad that they have no hair,” Emily says in the video. “What I want to do is give them my hair. Because I have more, more hair, just cut some of it off and give it to someone.”

Emily even asks her Uncle Matthew to cut her doll’s hair so that they match. When both haircuts are done, Emily is more than happy with her new look. The little girl says: “Wow, me and my dolly look so pretty.”

What an inspiring little girl Emily is!

Tell us, HollyMoms — What do you think about Emily’s brave decision to cut off her hair and donate it? Let us know your thoughts below!

– Lauren Cox

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