Baylor beat Creighton by roughly 643 points tonight in the third round of the NCAA Tournament. The game was over at halftime, meaning the Bears’ players and coaches had plenty of time to think of a zany way to celebrate. Their grand idea? Messing around with Craig Sager’s hair in the postgame interview. Crazy, right?

Baylor moves on to play Wisconsin in the Sweet Sixteen. Creighton and its star forward Doug McDermott end their season with a 85-55 loss, coupled with endless questions between now and June about his ability to play defense in the NBA.

As the Baylor celebration unfolded my fingers were crossed that Sager was wearing a hairpiece — think of the laughs! In fairness that sort of high-level goofing is probably reserved for the jokemasters on Impractical Jokers, which just so happened to coming up next on TruTV after the game. Call it a missed chance for some further corporate synergy. Alas.

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