Caroline Wozniacki dyes her hair pink for the Masters’ Par 3 tournament –

Posted: Friday, April 11, 2014
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Caroline Wozniacki caddied for fiance Rory McIlroy, who’s a favorite to win this year’s Masters. (Matt Slocum/AP)

Do not adjust your television sets: Caroline Wozniacki appears to have gone punk pink just in time for The Masters.

The former No. 1 played her role as caddy to fiance Rory McIlroy during The Masters’ Par 3 warm-up tournament on Wednesday and showed up with a bright mop of hot-pink hair on her head. Leave it to Caroline to find a way to get everyone to stop talking about the gigantic diamond that has been sitting on her finger since the New Year.

But knowing Wozniacki, the question that immediately came to mind was whether this dye-job was real. Look, she’s tried to fool people before when it comes to her hair, and she’s shown a penchant for a wig or two. Caroline’s questionable prankery and timing: A tradition unlike any other. So what do you think? Has Woz gone punk or prank?

Well based on this tweet from Wozniacki this morning, it looks like it’s a semi-prank:

Manic Panic? Am I to believe Caroline Wozniacki would actually be caught dead in a Hot Topic?

More photos of Wozniacki’s new look below:


Wozniacki went for the outrageous hair color in one of the most conservative places in sports. (Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

(David Cannon/Getty Images)

Condoleezza Rice must feel right at home seeing Wozniacki’s youthful rebellion. (David Cannon/Getty Images)


Even Wozniacki’s nails match her hair color. (Matt Slocum/AP)


Of course, Wozniacki took time to sign autographs for her adoring fans. (Michael Madrid/USA TODAY Sports)

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