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Posted: Sunday, March 09, 2014

With 300: Rise of an Empire scorching the box office this weekend (with $17 million on Friday) the question arises — what was it like for Eva Green to wear a human hair vest in a key scene.

“Yes, it is real human hair,” Green points out. “It was specially made for the movie in London.”

Green, who stars as the “bonkers” Artemisia, says she was not grossed out wearing the odd creation, which came with matching hair arm bands. Far from it. It was one of several bizarre outfits she wears as the head of the invading Persian navy, and the most comfortable.

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“It was like a second skin,” Green says of the hair vest. “And it was a lot lighter than a lot of the other outfits which were quite hot.”

At the end of the shoot, Green did not keep the hair outfit. But she did end up with a pair of killer boots.

“They look very modern actually and they are very comfortable,” she says.

In terms of getting fit for the part, and for the unforgiving outfits, Green pushed herself in training. She worked two hours a day on physical training alone.

“It was tough in the beginning,” says Green. “But I’m a bit masochistic. I love lunges and squats.”

She also trained two hours each day on sword work for months prior to filming to play the character, who is “fueled by vengeance.”

“It’s so hard. I’m not very coordinated,” says Green. “You feel like a moron in the beginning. But I was learning something new.”

But the Paris-born Green, 33, insists she never watched what she was eating to fit into the outfits. All she did was keep from “eating like a pig” on shoots.

“I was never on a specific diet,” says Green. “Life is too short not to have my cheese and wine.”


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