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Posted: Saturday, April 12, 2014

What do Oprah, Solange Knowles and Alicia Keys have in common? Each has made peace with her Afro-ethnic-textured hair. “There are so many reasons why women choose to chemically straighten their hair, but once they realize how beautiful natural hair can be, they love it,” says Jessica E. Boyd, co-founder (with partner Maureen A. Ochola) and managing partner at QUENCH, a soon-to-be-opened beauty boutique for natural hair.

To celebrate all that is beautiful about what are often considered challenging tresses, the duo will be hosting a beauty pageant where 10 representatives of Columbia’s natural hair community will compete for the title of Miss Naturally Crowned Carolina. It’s Columbia’s first natural hair pageant. Although the pageant is sold out, you can still participate: Just download the MYAVANA app onto your iPhone and you’ll not only receive real-time pageant updates, but you’ll be able to vote for your favorite contestant.

Wondering how you can get your hair to look as great as theirs does: Just follow these tips from Boyd and Ochola:

1. Like mostly anything that grows, natural hair LOVES water, so don’t be afraid of it!

2. Use your fingers to detangle, and only comb or detangle when hair is wet.

3. Follow the LOC method to retain moisture: leave-in-conditioner, oil and, finally, crème or hair butter.

4. Search Instagram, Pinterest, or You Tube for natural “hairspiration” – or just ask any woman with fabulous natural hair for her best tips, even if it’s a stranger in passing!

5. Most importantly, “treat her kind” and learn to fall in love with your hair. You’ll soon find out that she hears what you tell her, and believe it or not, she’s got feelings, too.

For more information, visit quenchsc.com

Katie McElveen, Special to The State


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