Lab Rat: A Hairspray for ‘Cool-Girl Hair’ – New York Magazine

Posted: Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Backstage at Fashion Week, the phrase heard more often than “Karlie, over here!” is “cool-girl hair.” Hairstylists like Paul Hanlon are using it endlessly to describe the “look” they’re going for. “She’s a cool girl, you know?” they will say, as if it’s obvious what they’re getting at. “She’s just cool.” “Like she-just-walked-in-off-the-street cool.”

But what does “cool-girl hair” actually mean? Short, long, bobbed, cropped, pixied, ombré-d? Bumble and Bumble, the original arbiters of “cool” downtown hair, have packaged the answer in the form of a new Cityswept Finish Spray


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