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Posted: Sunday, March 23, 2014

When you think about a little girl turning 5 , dolls and dress up clothes may come to mind.

But one 5 year old in Lawton decided for her birthday she wanted to help others.

Olivia Beckette decided this year she would donate her hair to Locks of Love, an organization that makes wigs out of real human hair for people who lose their hair due to a medical condition.

I need to cut my hair,” says Beckette.

Beckette, who’s from Lawton, is doing just that but Saturday’s trip to the salon all started when she saw a commercial for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

She said to me how come all those girls don’t have hair? I said it’s because sometimes girls get sick so they can’t grow their hair back.

And Olivia’s response brought her mom to tears.

“And then she said mom I want to cut my hair so those little girls can have princess hair like me,” says Beckette.

So Beth Beckette made arrangements to grant her daughter’s wish.

“I just want them to be who they are and for her just to say that, you know I cried that morning,” says Beckette.

But the crying stopped there as Olivia graciously gave up 10 inches of her hair without shedding a single tear.

And her mom said she couldn’t be more proud of her daughter.

“You don’t really hear about little 5 year olds, anymore, everyone’s all about Ipad’s and Ipod’s, you know no one wants to do anything selfless anymore and for her to just come out and say that out of the blue is just amazing me,” says Beckette.

After it’s all finished and fixed Olivia’s new look puts a smile on her face.

“I like my new hair,” says Beckette.

Now with her locks in hand Olivia made one of her wishes come true, by helping to grant a wish for a child in need.

After they left the salon the Beckette family went to mail her hair to Locks of Love, if you or someone you know is interested in getting involved with the Locks of Love program click here.


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