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Posted: Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hair-raising confessions! In a March 14 interview with Elle magazine, designer duo Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, both 27, reveal their hidden beauty talents… or the lack thereof. Newly-engaged sister Mary-Kate told the magazine that she feels like she has just recently learned the most basic haircare practice of all: how to brush her golden tresses.

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The secret to the twins' naturally glam hairstyles isn't brushing technique or the perfect cut.

“You know, the truth is I feel like I just learned how to brush my hair like last week!” the newly engaged twin told the magazine, laughing. While she may have been joking, it’s not such a far-fetched comment given her low-key hairstyles.

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Sister Ashley admitted to having a bit more talents in the beauty department. “My friend actually also made me cut her hair the other day and that didn’t look too bad either,” Ashley shared. “She had long hair, too. It was down to here [salutes to her belly button] and I cut it up to here [points to just below her shoulder]. She made me do it, but it looks great. I made it a blunt, A-line haircut. And then we had a professional come in after and clean it up a bit! But it was pretty good on its own.”

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The secret to the twins’ naturally glam hairstyles isn’t brushing technique or the perfect cut. Their hairstylist Mark Townsend revealed that a key product creates the perfect amount of volume and grit. “They are blessed with having great texture and natural wave in their hair, so we don’t have to spend a lot of time to get that perfectly tousled look,” Townsend told the Coveteur. “The biggest secret is the dry shampoo — it gives the hair such amazing texture.”


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