Q&A: Jared Leto’s Hairstylist on His Perfect Oscars Hair – New York Magazine

Posted: Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Congratulations to Jared Leto, double winner! Not only did he win an Oscar last night for Dallas Buyers Club, he also easily won the night’s best hair. In an uneventful night of Hollywood waves and shellacked updos, Leto’s hair stood out for its shine, lived-in ease, and perfect hommebr√©. Chase Kusero, Leto’s longtime hairstylist, created his look for the event in a two-day process, which involved sleeping in Vidal Sassoon Creme Wave Pomade and Wave Primer Spray, followed the next day by a touch of Vidal Sassoon Colorfinity Dry Shampoo¬†and flat-ironing fewer than ten pieces to enhance his hair’s natural wave. The Cut spoke to Kusero to learn more about Leto’s Oscar-night hair, including what happened to that wet man-bun and his mom’s great hair.


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