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Posted: Friday, March 07, 2014

If you don’t believe children are our future, you’ll want to after watching this video. Because if Emily James is any indication, that future will be pretty amazing: Watch the 3-year-old child and her favorite doll, Rapunzel from Tangled, get matching haircuts to donate to make wigs for cancer victims.

“Sometimes kids get sick and then their hair falls out,” Emily explains. “That’s really, really sad.”

Emily was born with a lot of hair. A lot of hair. “A full head of hair,” her dad explains. “The nurse at the hospital snuck her down to the nurses station to show the others cause they didn’t believe her as she tried to describe her thick, full head of dark hair with frosted blonde tips.”

Emily James

Which means when she turned three, she was ready for her first serious haircut. Her dad says, “We determined that it was long enough to make a wig for someone suffering with cancer. We suggested to her that we cut her hair off and donate her hair for wigs for cancer patients.”


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“We sat down and explained to her what cancer was, that some kids got really sick and lose all their hair, and that people can donate their hair to make wigs for these kids,” he explains. “We told her it had to be cut really short to get enough length from it and Emily told us she was excited to ‘share her hair.'”

“I don’t want any kids to be sad that they have no hair. What I want to do is I want to give them my hair, because I have more hair,” Emily says. “Just cut some of it off and give it to someone!”

Emily James

Emily’s dad describes her as “your typical little 3-year-old princess” who loves “frilly dresses and, when she can get her hands on it, mum’s lipstick.” She also loooves Tangled, which is why her Rapunzel dolly had to get a haircut too.

The family turned to her Uncle Matthew (aka Matthew Collins of Brennen Demelo Studios) for the cut. Because, as Emily adorably says, “I think Uncle Matthew is the best haircutter in the world.” 

First up was Dolly.

Emily James

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And then it was Emily’s turn.

Emily James

“What Emily did, that was most meaningful to us…was that Emily was willing to give something that she had a lot of, something that could be of great meaning to another person,” Mr. James writes. “We hope though, is that as Emily matures she will learn to make her own selfless decisions that inspire and bring hope, even if there is a cost.”

Emily ended the day with an adorable bob and donated 7 inches of hair to a salon, 360 Hair, in Langley, British Columbia that will turn it into a wig.

Emily James

Her dad jokes, “It probably doesn’t hurt that in the final scenes of Tangled, Rapunzel is sporting a pretty cute bob.”

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