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Posted: Sunday, April 13, 2014
Source: http://www.alexanderwang.com/lookbook/

Source: AlexanderWang.com

Less is often more, and that is especially the case for trendy makeup this spring. When the models in the spring 2014 fashion shows flaunted designer clothing on the catwalks last fall, there was a noticeable absence of matte and makeup — just call it the “raw beauty” movement. At least, that’s what Proenza Schouler is doing.

Makeup artist Diane Kendal created the looks for the Proenza Schouler and Alexander Wang (pictured) shows, during which it was all about what wasn’t on display. ”This is raw beauty — a simple freshness, focusing on skincare, curled lashes and a groomed brow,” Kendal explained to the Los Angeles Times.

“Doing as little as possible but still looking good is the most modern thing that you can do right now,” hairstylist and creative consultant Guido Palau told Vogue.

So how do you go about crafting this less-is-more effect? Kendal told Elle to “apply makeup, then top with moisturizer and pat the face with a tissue.” A bit of bronzer pressed onto the cheeks will keep your face from looking mask-like. Bear in mind that when creating this style, the artists had in mind a look that used makeup without looking like someone used makeup. “The foundation is there to not be seen — and to create a perfect finish,” Tom Pecheux, Estée Lauder’s creative makeup director, said.

One step up from this is the introduction of soft colors. Cheeks were blossoming with pinks and peaches, and lips, too, had subtle hints of color. Refinery 29 noted rose gold in its makeup trends for spring 2014.


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