How The Lost City of Z Achieved the Impossible: Aging Makeup That’s Not Terrible – Slate Magazine (blog)

Posted: Tuesday, April 18, 2017

He’s very visual. What was great about James was that he was very open. I tried different techniques—different painting techniques, different aging, we would just do around the eyes, and so on. Charlie, being really patient, let me borrow his face and come up with different looks, and then James would be there to come and look it. He would put Charlie in front of the camera, because everything was shot on 35 mm film, which was incredible, because it’s a little softer. Everything is high definition now with digital, so you see every little pore, every little thing. You have to be very careful. But with 35 mm, everything is a little bit softer, like going back to the old way of how they made movies, so even with my painting job, I could push it more with the colors, and with the shading, and with the illusion of making them more hollow, or painting the lines on. 35 mm softened it, just right for it to be believable.


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