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Posted: Friday, March 21, 2014

Cancer Research UK received more than 800,000 text donations in 24 hours after it began sharing the text code for donating on its Facebook and Twitter pages on Wednesday.

This morning, they announced this figure had doubled to over £2 million as the no makeup selfie explosion continues to grip social media.

Newsfeeds have been full to the brim of women posting bare-faced pictures for all to see in a bid to raise money for the charity, along with the hashtag #nomakeupselfie and a text message receipt as evidence of their donation.

Photos also come with nominations for their friends to follow suit and donate, creating a viral chain that began on Monday.

The hashtag was not started by Cancer Research, but they were quick to get involved, posting: “Thousands of you are posting #cancerawareness #nomakeupselfie pictures and many have asked if the campaign is ours. It’s not but we love that people want to get involved!” on their Google+ page.

Many have used their no makeup selfie to remember a loved-one lost to the disease, while celebrities such as VV Brown and Kym Marsh have helped the trend gather momentum by uploading their own pictures.

Some men, it seems, have also found their own way of getting involved.

But the no makeup selfie has also received a backlash of criticism from those concerned taking a picture has nothing to do with raising awareness of cancer and the importance of fund raising.

Others have contended that narcissism is actually at the heart of the sudden spike in people going make-up free online, with some arguing that uploading such photos “smacks of the Beyoncé “I woke up like this” arrogance social media has seen us become so accustomed to.”

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Regardless of the debates flying around these images however, the no makeup selfie has achieved much more than planking, posting ‘ belfies‘ and vadering ever could.

Carolan Davidge, director of communications at Cancer Research UK said: “Thanks to people choosing to donate to us as part of the #nomakeupselfie trend, we’ve been overwhelmed with donations and support in the past 48 hours.

“We’ve raised over £2m so far, and the #nomakeupselfie is still going strong! The trend isn’t something Cancer Research UK started so it’s been fantastic to see so many people getting involved and wanting to use their selfie to raise money for our life-saving research.

“If people would like to choose to support our work to beat cancer sooner, they can text BEAT to 70099 to donate £3 or visit”


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