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Posted: Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Flipping through a J.Crew catalog or browsing the brand’s site is inspiring for many reasons. Of course, the sartorial site is enough to make any girl giddy —and is constantly being restocked with apparel and accessories that are so gorgeous, we’ve considered freezing our credit cards, permanently. But, the pièce de resistance that makes J.Crew one of the most lustworthy brands of all time? The models, who always look perfectly, effortlessly glowing and gorgeous.

Until now, the “J.Crew Model Glow” was a secret that was held tightly under wraps. We twisted our hair into messy topknots and slicked on poppy-bright lipsticks in an attempt to recreate that nonchalant M.O. But, the one aspect that was missing from our Crew-inspired getup was that skin. The J.Crew girl always has skin with the perfect amount of dewiness that manages to look fresh-faced and well-rested (and never greasy). And now, J.Crew has finally divulged the secret — The Glow is courtesy of products from cult-favorite organic line, RMS.

Learning that RMS’s Living Luminizer is the stuff that makes the models’ cheekbones shine like sunbeams is kind of a d’oh moment for us. Almost every makeup artist that we’ve worked with swears by RMS products — the Lip2Cheek tint and Buriti Bronzer are also major pro faves. So, if you haven’t taken RMS goodies for a spin yet, here is your chance. Visit J.Crew to shop Lip2Cheek, or head over to RMS to shop the entire collection of products.

RMS Lip2Cheek, $36, available at J.Crew.


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