‘No makeup selfie’ campaign raises $3M for cancer research in 2 days – CTV News

Posted: Sunday, March 23, 2014

But critics have taken issue with the trend, in particular the parallels it appears to draw between cancer and going makeup-free. U.K. blogger Yomi Adegoke initially raised issues with the campaign in an op-ed piece in The Independent.

In the article, she argued that the online trend was an attempt to veil “vanity as philanthropy.” She also encouraged participants to at least tweet out links to cancer charities while they posted their selfie photos.

Speaking to the BBC Friday about her reservations, Adegoke said while the amount of money raised was undeniably “fantastic,” the message was still problematic.

“I do think that women not wearing makeup, and that being deemed as ‘brave’ when held against cancer … it’s not something that I’m 100 per cent sure should be described as such,” she said.

Model Amy Willerton also spoke to the BBC in the same interview. She said that she participated in the campaign because it sent a good message.

“I think it’s a good message to put out there, just to sort of say women are just exposing themselves and showing that more vulnerable side in the same way that we’re all vulnerable to cancer,” Willerton said.

But Adegoke said that while the campaign seeks to normalize going makeup-free, she thinks it will do the opposite.

She pointed out that other fundraising campaigns ask participants to do something out of the ordinary to raise money for cancer research, like shaving their heads or growing facial hair for the entire month of November.

“In 2014, if it’s considered that groundbreaking that women aren’t wearing makeup … I don’t really understand why,” she said.


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