The latest online challenge to raise funds for cancer research has gone viral.

Called the no makeup selfie, women post photos of themselves without makeup.

Some say it is empowering women and spreading awareness, while others say it hasn’t made much of a charitable impact.

The trend traces back to the U.K.

The Kyritsakas sisters are on board.

They were nominated to do the no makeup selfie campaign by their friends.

“Accept your skin, be who you are. It takes a long time to understand that. And I’m just understanding that now,” says Tita Kyrtsakas.

But many have been critical of the fresh faced movement. It was not started by a charity and many of those participating aren’t making any donations or spreading important information about cancer.

Judy Lund of the Canadian Cancer Society says she’s proud to be part of the movement.

“It’s a great awareness campaign. But what we don’t want people to do is forget that let’s actually have a call to action with that. Awareness is great but donating $5 is even better,” she says.

Lund says cancer is an ongoing battle and all fundraising ideas should be explored.

“Know that you are beautiful just in the skin that you are in. And here’s a beautiful thing you can do. Jump on board have some fun. Donate $5 and watch this exponentially grow,” she says.