Almelund Apple Festival in its 24th year – ECM Post Review

Posted: Thursday, September 21, 2017

By Amy Doeun

For attendees who really wanted to experience life in the past, Perry was giving away free rides in his 1919 Model T. Local artisans prove that art, a love for the past and quality, handmade items are timeless qualities. Handmade soap, jam, fudge, kettle corn, hand sewn, carved and knitted items all rounded out the vendors’ area. The River City Cloggers provide further entertainment for the day as people of all ages and abilities performed dances.

On the third Sunday in September each year, the little town of Almelund swells with thousands of visitors for the area’s Apple Festival.
The festival focuses on “sharing history in a fun way.” Many of the events take place around the Amador Heritage Center’s restored buildings. Barns, several log cabins and more show what life was like in the area a 100 or more years ago.
Outside one of the restored cabins were vintage homemaking equipment, or as one sign put it, “the original cords tools.” Examples included a butter churn, water pump and meat slicer. Children could try their hand lifting a hay bale with a pulley system, grinding meat (actually Play-Doh) and washing clothes using a scrub board and wringer.
Animals have always been an integral part of agriculture in the area—4-H has also been an important part of the area. The local 4-H club had a petting zoo and art projects for the younger Festival goers.



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