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AcitveGuard Mattress Liners for Bed Bug and Dust Mite Control


Product Description

Exactly what is ActiveGUARD? ActiveGUARD is NOT a mattress or box spring encasement. It is designed like a fitted sheet åà (for a both mattress and a box spring) åà and has been scientifically impregnated with åÒpermthrinåÓ that allows an even, consistent, minuscule dose application directly onto a mattress and box spring over an extended period of time providing long term protection and effectiveness. Originally created for children and adults suffering from asthma and atopic diseases, ActiveGUARD was quickly shown to be effective against dust mites and Bed Bugs, in both laboratory tests and in the field.

ActiveGUARD is designed for easy installation on any mattress and box spring; going on just like a fitted sheet with its strong elastic edges holding the liner firmly in place. Long lasting. Completely odorless. Soft and comfortable, with NO sweating. Easy to use and no washing required. And itåÕs effective for years.

Knockout Pest Control suggests a åÒsuspenders and beltåÓ approach if you have had Bed Bug infestation, suggesting that if youåÕve HAD bed bugs in your bed that you use TWICE the protection. We suggest that not only to use ActiveGUARD to prevent NEW Bed Bug infestation coming into your bedåÉbut that you take the secondary precaution and ALSO use a traditional Full Encasement approach to literally åÒentombåÓ any possible bed bug, bed bug nit, or egg within the encasement. Not only does this approach offer twice the effectiveness, but if youåÕve ever had a Bed Bug infestationåÉthe peace of mind double the protection gives is immeasurable. And people can finally get a good nightåÕs sleep.

If youåÕve NEVER had Bed Bugs and want to be PRO-ACTIVE then just using the ActiveGUARD liners offer pro-active protection to keep your bed free from Bed Bugs.

ActiveGUARD liners are available in 4 sizes åà Single, Full, Queen, and King - and are great for use in homes, hotels, hospitals,

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