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BrightPad BT-L84 Acne Light BLUE RED IR Light Therapy Acne, Anti-Aging, Wrinkles, Pain, Wounds, Skin & hair growth


Product Description

BrightPad BT-L84 Acne Light. BLUE RED IR Light Therapy Acne, Anti-Aging, Wrinkles, Pain, Wounds, Skin & hair growth. 84 High Power Medical Level LEDs. One of the Most Powerful on the market! Includes Hands Free stand ($29) & BrightThearpy Intensive Photo Cream ($59) FREE! 84 High Power medical grade LED's! - 36 x 415nm Blue LED's, 36 x 660nm RED LED's, & 12 830nm Infrared LED's • Blue LED light helps kill the acne causing bacteria. • Blue mono-chromatic LED light helps reduce inflammation and provides a rejuvenation effect the skin. • Red & Infrared LED Light penetrates deep into the lowest skin layer helping reduce inflammation and implement faster healing times. • Used together Red, Blue, and infrared LED light get to the core of Acne by killing acne causing bacteria, reducing inflammation, and helping to rejuvenate the skin. BrightPad for Anti-aging & Rosacea. • Red & Infrared mono- Chromatic LED Light stimulates mitochondria in cells increasing cellular activity. • The energized cells make more Collagen & Elastin (stimulated cells act like younger cells) • The LED Light Therapy makes the skin firmer, less wrinkled, younger looking, and more radiant. • Red and Infrared LED Light penetrate deep to the lowest skin layers where new skin cells are made starting the rejuvenating effect assisting in healing Rosacea. • Used in combination with the Blue LED Light which shrinks enlarged pores helping to soften rough skin. How Light Therapy works to stimulate Hair growth in the scalp • Red & Infrared mono-chromatic LED Light stimulates mitochondria in the dormant hair follicle cells increasing their cellular activity. • The Energized hair follicles act like younger cells and start producing hair. • Revitalized hair follicle cells increase their activity producing thicker, stronger hair. • The Red and Infrared deep penetrating light revitalize the cells in the in the lowest layer of skin leading to healthier scalp with decreased dryness.

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