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Clip-Right® Ergonomic Nail Clippers


Product Description

A patent pending, next generation, improved design, nail clipper that has an extra forward leaning lever so that the user squeezes at the points closest to the cutting edges - where the fingernail or toenail is rather than squeezing from the opposite end of the tool. This design feels more natural in you hands and offers greater control and accuracy making it possible for young and old to use it with ease. The Clip-Right® also folds up to fit in your pocket or purse and there is no issue bringing it through airport security. This is the large clipper that works for toenails and fingernails and there is also a similar smaller model strictly for fingernails also available through Amazon ASIN# B00DNQ9XHO or the set of large and small for just a few dollars more This one makes you ask yourself "Why didn't I think of this?" Why continue to clip wrong when you can Clip-Right®?

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