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Fairy Set of 25 Nail Art Design Stamps Stamping Manicure Image Plates By Gals


Product Description

Set of Gals Nail Art Stamper Image Plates

These stamping plates are fabulous and make a perfect addition to any nail art collection.

The results are an eye catching, detailed and crisp nail design which is probably impossible to implement in free hand or any other nail art technique.

Using our Nail Art Plates

1. Make sure to remove the protective cover on the plate before using.
2. Make sure you are using new and thick enough nail polish that is suitable for stamping.
3. Please clean your nails and apply base coat for best results.
4. Work fast in order to get the suitable result, otherwise the polish will get dry and will not stamp properly.
5. Different designs require different stamping techniques the most important variable is the amount of force used to pick up the design on the stamper. In some designs it will pick up great using tiny bit of force and in some you will have to press a bit harder. Please use the stamper from side to side for best results.

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