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Herbal body wrap in a steam room series of "Phyto Bath" for weight loss and deep cleanse the skin with sea minerals 300 ml


Product Description

Phyto-mask effectively cleanses, hydrates and improves elasticity. Improves energy metabolism of cells, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and capillaries, stimulating blood circulation, deep cleanse the pores and losing weight, contains a balanced set of active components, each of which has a range of effects, and provides high efficiency. Kelp Seaweed and kelp is removed from the cells of the skin toxins and excess fluid, improves blood circulation. Healing Mud detoxifies, purifies the pores, removes dead skin cells, absorbs excess sebum, nourishes the skin with minerals. Orange essential oil - provides weight loss and drainage (removal of fluid and fat through the lymphatic system). Dead Sea Salt enhances flow and shlakovydeleniya, deep cleanse the pores and weight loss.

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