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Hot Sale!!! Brand New Multifunction 5-1 Multifunction Electric Face Facial Cleansing Brush Spa Battery Operated Set


Product Description

Bellehome - Make Belle at home

Product Advantages:

*** Simulates blood circulation and cell metabolism
*** Easier to apply the makeup (foundation....) on the skin to achieve nature and smooth skin texture
*** Prepares the skin to better absorb skin care products
*** Facial Brush Machine main functions:
1. Micro-massage
2. Clean face
3. Scrub skin


1. On-off switch
2. 2 speed control: "Low" for daily cleaning, "High" for exfoliation
3. Power: 3V DC (2 AA 1.5V batteries operated (Not Included))
4. Five spinning attachments included for different requirements:
- Cosmetic Sponge: Cleanses face to prepare for moisturizing or nourishing
- Soft Brush: Exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal a radiant skin. No harms to your skin. Could be used with facial emulsion, hand-washing cream and foot-cleaning
- Pumice: Gently exfoliates, polishes and smoothes rough callus skin under foot or elbow
- Massager: Use it to do massage in your every part of your body
- Latex Brush: Latex spomge-soft Latex Brush used for eyes and cheeks, make you younger and beauty
Package Includes:

- 1 x Main Unit
- 1 x Cosmetic Sponge
- 1 x Soft Nylon Brush
- 1 x Latex Brush
- 1 x Pumice Head
- 1 x Massager Head


- To properly attach the facial brush to the main unit, please push the brush all the way in until you hear a "click" sound which ensures the brush is locked into the axle

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