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Nail Tattoo Sticker Blossom / Ornament - turquoise / black


Product Description

Quality - Made in Germany </ b>

The Design Nail Art Tattoos </ b> permit, without much time and effort, a professional look of your nails. No longer complex painting.

The foil is dermatologically tested, very thin and self-adhesive. The Nail Tattoo sticker are suitable for natural nails (including children) as well as artifical nails and toenails.

You will find further details and size information in the article images above.
Please note that the Nail Tattoos on the product images were used on French Nails (white background).


Step 1 </ b> Buffer the nail surface with a fine sanding block (Buffer) lightly. The nail should be free of dust and grease.
If you use the Nail Tattoos on artificial nails, we suggest the application between the building layer and the sealing layer.

Step 2 </ b> Cut out the desired image roughly.

Step 3 </ b> Use a pair of tweezers and pull off the foil from the brown substrate material. </ br> (Tipp: Choose a corner and grab the foil from the top.)
Then stick the Nail Tattoo on the desired location on your nail and press it firmly. Overhanging corners can be filed off without any problems.

Step 4 </ b> Seal the Nail Tattoo with gel or with clear topcoat. Make sure that the whole Nail Tattoo is enclosed with Gel.
(Tipp: Do not be sparingly with the gel. The Nail Tattoo has to soak up the Gel.)

TIPP: </ b> During the summer months as well as solarium visits, we suggest an additional sealing with a Sun-blocking coat or the application with gel, which already included a Sun-blocker.

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