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Nova Glove ANTI-UV Manicure Glove for UV/LED Lamps/Lights - PROFESSIONAL GRADE 100% Cotton


Product Description

The Nova Glove was developed with a genuine care for the health and safety of the manicure client. There has been growing concern over the safety of UV exposure to your hands during a manicure.

Designed specifically for Nail Industry Professionals, the Nova Glove is made with the materials and a level of quality that far surpasses any other on the market. 100% coated anti-UV breathable cotton makes this glove stand out from the competition. Other gloves on the market are made with non-breathable polyester that can lead to hot, clammy and uncomfortable hands for your client. Average hand sizes have been carefully researched for the best possible "one size fits all" glove measurements.

In a recent article by The Huffington Post on 03/06/2012, "According to a 2009 article published in Archives of Dermatology, the quick drying, long lasting effect of gel manicures obtained through UV lights can increase your risk of cancer due to the typical 10-minute duration your hand is exposed to the nail lamps. The article looked at two cases of women who developed skin cancer on the backs of their hands, allegedly caused by repeated exposure to UV nail lamps." (The Huffington Post, 2012)


Manetti, M. (2012). The Huffington Post: Gel Manicure Cancer? UV Drying Technique May Lead To Health Problems, Study Finds (VIDEO). Available:

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