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Sponge-Ables 8-Pack for Body-Reach+ Bendable Lotion Applicators


Product Description

Both sides our unique Sponge-Able applicators are made from a soft, hypoallergenic nylon material. It is easy to attach and remove from the Velcro brand fasteners on the wand. The removable, washable, reversible and nonabsorbent Sponge-Able is designed to allow you to apply any topical treatment without soaking into the sponge, thereby eliminating waste and saving you money! Steps to use: 1. Simply bend your Body-Reach+ bendable body wand to the desired curve and attach a Sponge-Able to the wand. 2. Dampen with water first - water will bead up and then soak into SpongeAble. 3. Apply your product to the Sponge-Able. 4. Use the wand to apply the product to any part of your body. 5. When finished, clean up is easy and quick. Remove the Sponge-Able from the wand and wash it with a mild soap and water. Note on Care: "If your the type of person that after applying your prescribed medication and or lotion - you wash it thoroughly with a mild soap and rinse with water the Sponge-Able will probably last 1 to 2 months or longer!"

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