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Surgi-Care Surgi-Wax Cream Brow Shapers


Product Description

Fabulous Eyebrows

Lovely eyes with perfectly shaped brows are worth a million bucks. To get that perfect brow, use Surgi-Care Surgi-Wax Cream Brow Shapers. It is easy to use and less painful than tweezing and lasts up to six weeks. It contains maple honey, a natural and gentle antiseptic that also helps bind moisture to skin.

  • Easy to use
  • Removes fine and thick hair
  • Less painful

This is a convenient way to shape eyebrows that lasts up to six weeks.

Just For YouSuitable for women who need a gentle hair remover.

A Closer Look: With Surgi-Care Surgi-Wax Cream Brow Shapers, shaping those brows just got easy. These are pre-cut and can be used on brows of any shape. Place the strip into position, press it, and then peel off. Thick or fine hair can be removed easily with these strips.

You Won't Find:Harsh chemicals

Get Started:Remove back from brow shapers strip. Apply strip onto unwanted brow hair, pressing firmly. Peel off strip to remove unwanted hair.

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